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Hello!  Welcome to the official website for the Milwaukee Summer Entertainment Camp!  

After four successful summers in Milwaukee, I have decided to bring the Milwaukee Summer Entertainment Camp to a close.

Every year, it takes a village to create this unique program for our youth.  A HUGE shout out and ‘Thank You’ to the following folks (in no particular order): Jessica Wiza, Bill Jackson, Buzz Meade, Vallen Gillet, Abby Bakke, Sean Schult, Sean Love, Crystal Schreiner, John McGivern, Portia Young, Rex Sikes, Mack Bates, Katrina Cravy, Jim Cullen, Andy Jensen, Daniel Kyle, Ante Udovicic, and Debbie Thatcher.  I cannot thank them enough for their help this year.  They are the best in the business, and I am thankful to have them on my team!

Also, a special ‘thanks’ to the School District of South Milwaukee and the SM PAC for being gracious hosts this summer.

Don’t forget to check out the AWESOME pictures and video from all four years of our camp being proudly displayed all over this site! 

In the coming months, a feature length documentary about our camp will also be released to celebrate the end of a successful four years.

It’s been a pleasure to be able to return home to Milwaukee each summer and share my passions with kids who want to continue down similar paths as myself.  I like to think the camp will continue to ‘live on’ in many aspects.  I still plan to return back to the midwest to work on new productions, and I look forward to bringing along some of my campers for those journeys.  We are also looking at how we can re-invent some of the great accomplishment we achieved in Milwaukee and take them elsewhere in the future for other communities to enjoy.

Thanks again for some fantastic memories.  They won’t soon be forgotten.

See You In Hollywood!!!


Kyle Olson
Founder, Milwaukee Summer Entertainment Camp

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