We Need Sponsors!


For three years, the Milwaukee Summer Entertainment Camp has operated under an extremely limited budget -- relying heavily on kind-hearted volunteers and determined students to help us make a lasting impact in the community.

This summer, in order to continue our reaching for the stars, we are looking for funding to keep this program alive.

We have the moral support.  Now, we need the financial support. 

This is a chance to become a part of something BIG.

How can I help?  How can we be a part of the camp?

The biggest way you can help out is by spreading the word!  Tell everybody you know about our program, and make sure to mention that we need sponsors!  It’s easy to become a fan of us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or e-mail your friends about this site!  The more word of mouth, the better.

If you know a business or generous donor who might be interested in helping to keep our dreams alive in 2012, please contact Kyle Olson by clicking here.

If you ARE a visiting this site as a potential sponsor, we invite you to CLICK HERE to view our sponsorship packet.  We appreciate you taking the time to express your interest for our camp, and we hope you find what we have to offer valuable. 

Celebrities Supporting the Milwaukee Summer Entertainment Camp

What Locals Say About Milwaukee Summer Entertainment Camp

Bill Jackson  “Kyle Olson’s Milwaukee Summer Entertainment Camp is a series of unique, engaging, thrilling events with professionals in multi-faceted fields.  As a member of the Milwaukee community, I am proud to be a part of this program.  Someone ought to adopt this annual learning experience and give it the funding and support it deserves.  Watch the highlight videos and look at the kid’s faces for all the evidence you need that this program is a huge success.”

Andy Jensen  “I served as a Video / Editing mentor at the Milwaukee Summer Entertainment CAmp this past summer and I would highly recommend it to any student in the Milwaukee area who has an interest in filmmaking.  Working in the Los Angeles film / TV industry for the past decade, I can tell you that the technical and creative skills campers get to experience through Kyle Olson’s program are on par with an introductory collegiate course.  Each student is given creative freedom to express their ideas, yet they learn to collaborate as a group in order to make the best films possible.

Carly Kaczmarowski  “I had so much fun last summer being in Kyle's Entertainment Camp. It was a great chance to meet friends and really understand 'behind the scenes' elements of the industry. I'm glad I got to do this camp right after graduating, and I would recommend it to anybody who is looking to get into the industry, or just wants to have a fun summer and seize some amazing opportunities that wouldn't get offered anywhere else. I'll miss being there this summer!”

Paula Wirth Pajewski  “There's nothing that will keep my girls from joining Kyle for the second year of his FABULOUS Entertainment Camp! If you want to see your kids get up each morning, eager to start the day, even though it's summer vacation and they stayed up way too late the night before, enroll them now! It was the highlight of their summer, which is saying a lot, since they went to Niagara Falls, as well!”

Brittni Walker “Kyle's camp is just like him- absolutely amazing. You do NOT want to miss out on it. It's a fun learning experience. The special guests were great and taught us a lot. Kyle packed the camp with incredible field trips and great learning opportunities. Next year will be just as fantastic as last year. Maybe even better (: “

Sara Albrecht “Kyle's camp was an amazing opportunity for me to gain exposure in the entertainment industry. I loved all of the special guests that Kyle invited to the camp! I'm sure that this summer will be even more exciting than last summer :D “

Sophia Pajewski “If you want to feel like a star, join this camp!  Last year was soooo much fun, and I think anybody who is interested in theatre, film, or TV should JOIN!  What are you waiting for?”

Laura West “I had a lot of fun in the camp last year! It was great to see and interact with the special guests.  I also learned so much about all the things about film, theatre, tv, etc., in an informal, non-classroom setting. I'd always be willing to help out with this group in the future! :D ”